Have you been tied around someone’s neck all in the name of asking the bothering question of, can you advertise on Facebook without a page? Well, I am not actually surprised that you have had this question at heart, as there are so many people out there who also ask this question too. On the Facebook advertising system, this has been a common question that has been asked by people who really want to get on the Facebook advertising system.

Can You Advertise on Facebook Without A Page - Advertise on Facebook Without A Page

Are you part of those who really want to get started with Facebook advertising? But then you have been trying to get the answer to, can you advertise on Facebook without a page? Well, of course, you are able to advertise your business, brand and products on Facebook, without the need to have a Facebook page.

How Does Facebook Advertising Without A Page work?

Facebook advertising has become a very popular activity that goes on within the social media platform, Facebook. So, if you are a Facebook user and you never knew that you could advertise your business and products on Facebook, then you have gotten the information right now. This advertising system really helps to promote and help in the growth of your business, as it can help your business reach the billions of users on Facebook. Can you advertise on Facebook without a page? Yes, you can.

But you may also begin to ask, how can I advertise on Facebook without a Facebook page. Do not worry, we will get there. Well, this particular advertising system talks on advertising without a page. So how then do you get your adverts to reach people on Facebook? By using the Facebook ads manager (Facebook advertising manager). Apart from advertising through a Facebook page, the Facebook ads manager is also a way to advertise on Facebook. however, you still need a Facebook account to get started.

How to Create Your Facebook Account

Now you have gotten your answer to the question about, can you advertise on Facebook without a page? Of course, you can. And to do that, you need the Facebook ads manager. But to get started, you need your Facebook account.

  • Create your Facebook account on the Facebook site www.facebook.com which i the official web address.
  • your details need to be provided for the creation of your account. these details include your first name and surname
  • an email or contact number
  • secure password for the account
  • gender
  • date of birth
  • click on the SIGNUP button

from here, you will also find few and simple instructions. Follow the instructions, so your account can be fully open. You can always login to your account at any time so you don’t have to et up an account at all time. Account sign up is done just once.

How to Advertise on Facebook – Can You Advertise on Facebook Without A Page?

Now you know that you can advertise on Facebook without a page, so the question of, can you advertise on Facebook without a page has been finally wiped off. But now, you need to know how you can advertise your business without having to go open a Facebook page. Trust me! It’s easy.

  • Go to the Facebook advertising manager on www.facebook.com/adsmanager/creation.
  • On the Facebook ads manager, select your marketing objective. This objective means what you actually need the advertisement for. There are various objectives. brand awareness, catalog, traffic, sales, views, leads, reach, app install and others.
  • Add your country of residence.
  • Add your currency
  • The time zone of your country is needed too.
  • Click Continue.

Choose your target audience, Select your preferred placements, Enter the schedule and budget for your business advert, Click Continue, Selecting a format for your advert is also required, are you done? Then click on Done and Place the Order.