Facebook friends list has to do with the total numbers of friends you have on Facebook. This is just like your high school friends, just like some users who has a lot of friends from high schools, college, place of works and community. You can try to build a list of friends from various area even in Facebook so it is very important that you have a good list of friends as they can be friends from any of these categories.

Facebook is a social media that focuses on friendship and total numbers of users you have on your Facebook friends list. Facebook make it so easy for you to build your social network. If care is not taken you can end up with an unmanageable friends list. At time, though you may want to trim down your Facebook friends list in order to avoid any of the following:

  • Kill bloat in your news feed.
  • Dodge posts that are offensive.
  • Avoid post concerning certain religious or political views.
  • Reduce your personal information to a certain group of people.

Whatever need that may warrant you wanting to cut shot your Facebook friends list; this article will be handy for you. Before you take your decision put into consideration the need may arise for you to update your status with what your plans is or send information to everyone in your Facebook friends list. Your friends can only get to observe the changes until they view your profile. It is in Facebook regulation not to get people noticed when they are removed or block.

How can I Manage my Facebook friends Lists?

You can choose to manage your Facebook friends lists by controlling both the list itself and which friend of yours can see what you posted:

  • Set up rules for who makes the cut.
  • Group friends into custom to avoid a one size fits approach.
  • Use custom lists to limit liked content from the news feed.
  • Use your custom list to filter content as you add it.
  • Consider preventing certain people from finding you.
  • Use built-in to set your default privacy levels.

Sometimes removing a user from your friends list in Facebook may not be the best option when you are avoiding to be in contact with the person. You may just need to hide from someone for a while, block list can be the best you needed. Facebook has three different types of block lists: user, app invites and events invites. When you block a user, the following are what Facebook do:

  • Help you to remove the person from your friends list.
  • Prevent you and the user from finding each other when searching.
  • Restrict both of you from viewing each other’s content.
  • Prevent you and the user from seeing comments and likes on mutual friends’ pages.

Facebook do not control connection you have with the third-party applications in Facebook or on the internet. You can view or edit your block lists, this is one of the best ways to carefully prevent a particular user on your friend list to access your account.