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by Tecng
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Tecng is a technology blog that is here to help build a word of highly tech gurus in Sub Sahara Africa. This is an informative web site and geek feed on technology advancement. On Tecng will are here to educate you on how technology changes life’s.

Will at Tecng.com is ready to help in educating individual who want to learn more about any how technology can add to life. Will have discovered that most African countries lack information’s when it come to technology wise.

Africans are really smart and fast in learning. I have discovered that they always break the rules and set new once. In the Tech world there are just so much things that’s been changing every day. This is just as a result of new devices that are been built on a day to day basics.

Our Goal Tecng.com

Tecng.com tech team is here to assist user on educating them on how to use any gadget. This is an educative platform where will share ideals and information to our users. Currently there are some key section will are focusing on building a smart Africa.

Will are here to help you out with the technical know how on any thing that has to do with internet. This is just a tip of what will at Tecng.com is trying to unveil as will are go to be talking more of the new internet called The Internet of Things.

Tecng not just trying to build a smart home but to build a smart city and a smart Africa as well. Will have our team of highly tech gurus that we take you through our reviews and proved answer to asked questions.

Whats on Tecng

Information will proved on this website are educative information on tech and how to. This is a learning feed for users who want to setup a smart home or probably start up a business and want to add tech to his or her business.

Get informed and get tips on how to get started or grow your business. Learn more about newly launched gadgets and devices. Will are also here to promote starters to on how to grow their business or tech products. The technical know how is what we care about.

Where to Find Us

Educating Africans on how the new internet work’s is our job. The Internet of things is what we care about. In other to get in touch with us feel free you can access our Contact Us page for our contact.

Will are constantly online to give you the best tech support you need. You can send us a mail or leave us a comment on our comment section. Your email will be access by one of our tech team.