Email service platform is known for various features and services. Users often search for this features and email services to explore. Therefore many email users source for email services that can provide them with more amazing features. The AOL is a website mail service provider that gives users access to features like instant messaging, email, and even a web browser.

AOL - Features To See In The AOL

When talking about AOL is a website where users can use to access the AOL mail service homepage. Although the AOL mail service holds a lot of features and applications available for users. We still have more to explore on the website. Users can actually have full access to all the services of the AOL platform if they possess the AOL mail account. Looking at the fact that, there are so many other mail service providers in the email service world today. The AOL email service still stands out in all aspect of mail services.

Features to See in the AOL Website

For users who really want to know more or want to understand what the AOL is about. First, open any web browser to access the internet from your pc or mobile devices. Then type in the URL, a homepage is seen which has lots of features on it.

  1. Users will see recent news feeds displayed on the page both written news and videos. The news is of various types ranging from celebrity gossips, sports, economic, political and religious news. You can also watch the visual news on the feeds and even adverts as well.
  2. There is a search engine bar at the top middle view of the page. This search engine bar can be accessed by users to search for various contents and information. One interesting thing about the search engine is that it’s very easy and simple to use and understand.
  3. For users who already have the AOL mail account. They can actually use the login feature by clicking on the login/ Join caption. Then type in their user address and password, which is given to the user when creating an AOL email account. Then users can access emails, messages sent and receive and lots more.
  4. The mail features are one of the unique feature found in the AOL mail platform. This enables users to send and receive email messages from one email user to another. Without any location, barriers provided the user has a working internet connection.

Other Features Found in The AOL Email Website

When it comes to feature on a website AOL has one of the best and amazing feature you can ever think or imaging of. Below are list of some of the amazing features of the AOL

  1. Entertainment is another nice feature we can find in the AOL email website. In this feature, users will find amazing contents in it, and its pack with some other entertaining aid like celebrity; where you find real stories and gossips of celebrities. Then movie stories and trailers contents. Music contents are not left out of the picture because there are recent musical contents and songs histories. We still have a TV feature too for users viewing pleasure. So judging from all this, users can see there is a whole lot of stuff in the entertainment feature for them to relax and enjoy.
  2. There is a finance feature for users, to guide them in financial activities like business, careers, personal careers, retirements, real estate, resources, markets, tax, and my portfolios.
  3. We have the lifestyle which is consist of life tips on food, style, food, beauty, wellness, travel, living, and shop. Tips gotten here can help improve the living standard of users when been practiced.
  4. The video feature is still one entertaining one as well because users can stream and view videos and clips for their viewing pleasure.
  5. There is a game feature as well for gamers who actually love to play games.

So the AOL websites give users so many wonderful experiences while using the website. For those users who have an account on the AOL mail platform, experience even more service delivery from login into their mail account.