When is Bengali New Year in 2022? If you are really interested in learning about the Bengali New Year for 2022, you can read through this write-up for detailed information. Just like Korea, China, and other countries across the world, the Bengali People also celebrate the New Year Season. It is the time of the year that marks the end of the old year and the beginning of a new and greater year. For the Bengali people of West Bengal and Tripura, the New Year Celebration is one important season and Holiday. In addition, the Festival is one of the biggest and largest festivals attended by millions of people from across the world.

Bengali New Year 2022 - Date, Significance, And Tradition

And just like other years, the Bengali New Year Celebration for 2022 won’t be an exception as the festival will be bigger and greater. Bengali New Year which is otherwise known as “Phoela Boishakh or Shubho Nabo Barsho” in the Bengali Language is the first day in the Bengali calendar. According to research, the History of the Bengali New Year can be traced back to Mughal Emperor Akbar who introduced the Gregorian calendar/ Bengali Calendar in the year 1556. This was done to make the collection of taxes easier. Based on this Calendar, the Holiday usually falls on April 14th or 15th. However, for 2022 the Bengali New Year falls on April 15th which is on a Friday. Nevertheless, you can start planning ahead for the Bengali New Year for 2022 now.

Bengali 2022 New Year Tradition

The festival has stated above is one of the largest and biggest annual Holiday Celebrations amongst the Bengali and Tripura People. Various activities and events take place before and on the Bengali New Year Day. It is a religious and cultural festival as people organize pujas both at home and at the temple. The people pray for good health and wealth for the year ahead. According to their tradition, it is important to clean your home and decorate it. Also, many buy new clothes, give gifts of sweets and food to their family and friends. Music is also a part of the celebration as different songs are sung and danced to welcome the New Year.

Significance of the Bengali New Year For 2022

The significance or importance of the Bengali New Year Celebration is so many ranging from helping to bring families, friends, and relatives together. Also, the Bengali Festival is important has it enables the people to pray for a great year ahead, prosperity, wealth, and a lot more. Besides, it marks the end of the old year and the beginning of a better year. Besides, friends and exchange gifts and rebound back. Many business owners shut down their shops while employees get a holiday after a long stressful year.

When is Bengali New Year for 2022?

The Bengali New Year Celebration for 2022 will start on Friday 15th of April. However, before the Day, tradition demands that they clean and decorate their homes with colorful motifs called the Alpina. According to them, cleaning their homes helps to bring good luck and fortune to their household in the coming year. Other important traditions and rites are also observed during this festive period. You can now start planning for the Bengali New Year for 2022 ahead with your family, friends, and relatives.