Want to go anywhere without having to jump from one public bus or taxi to another? Then you should use the Bolt app. Bolt is a transportation app whose major use is to request or order a ride that is fast and very much affordable. With the Bolt app, you can request a ride anywhere travelable by road, and the Bolt app would always be ready to link you up with a professional driver to take you to your desired destination. However, Bolt being on its mission to bring fast, reliable, and affordable transportation to thousands and millions of people have made their service available in over 30 countries and 150 cities around the world.

If you want a ride, just tap on the order button after entering your location and your destination for a nearby driver to come to pick you up. With the Bolt app, you can wave goodbyes to being caught up in a bus filled with people during traffic and also welcome getting to your destination just in time. Aside from the Bolt app, you can request a ride via the Bolt website. But installing the Bolt mobile app on your device enables you to have access to the Bolt platform very much easily compared to using the web browser to locate the site just to order a ride. Besides, there are lots of unique features to enjoy when using the Bolt apk.

Why Choose Bolt?

There are so many reasons why you should choose Bolt. With Bolt, you do not need to wake up so early rushing to the bus station to stand for a bus. When you can get a very comfortable and low-cost ride with fast arrival 24/7. Besides, you can also set your budget as you would see the prices of your ride before you order.

Can I Request Bolt Without App Download?

Yes! You can request a ride without having to install the app. But that would be through the use of the website. Although, installing the bolt app is not compulsory but it helps you request a ride faster compared to the website. But if you still prefer using the website, just enter into your web browser. https://m.bolt.eu/. Then you would be taken straight to the website where you can enter your mobile number to sign up and place your order.

Are Bolt And Taxify Similar?

Bolt was formerly Taxify before it was rebranded in the year 2019. So definitely Taxify is still Bolt. According to reports, the major reason why Taxify was rebranded as the bolt was to expand its transport options. How? The company removing the taxi from its name and rebranding it with a bolt. It has always been its new electric scooter service to produce multiple transportation options aside from private cars

Features of Bolt App

There are so many unique features of the Bolt app. Some of these features have however attracted most of its today users. Not because Bolt is the only app that enables you to take a private ride. But because it is one of the best private rides you can ever have. One of these features is that is very fast and affordable. While other features of the app include;

  • Request a driver to pick you up
  • Open the app and easily set your destination
  • Use the real time map on the app to see your driver’s location
  • Leave a rating
  • Make payment inside the app (debit/credit)

Seen some of the features of the Bolt app? Although, these are not all as there are still more to discover. However, discover them today by processing the Bolt apk download with these steps listed for you below.

Bolt Apk Download

Before you can use the Bolt app, you must process the app download. If you are a user of the App Store, downloading the Bolt app is as similar as downloading any other app. Here are the steps below on how to install the Bolt apk on your mobile device.

  • Open your Google play store or apple store
  • Locate the Bolt app using the app store’s search engine
  • Tap on the app
  • Click on the Install or Get button

The app is however not available for desktop device users. But you can still order a ride using your desktop device. How? Visit bolt official website. The domain is @ https://m.bolt.eu/. Register your mobile number then request a ride by putting in your location. Also, insertyour destination to see the price and tap on the order button to order. Then the nearest driver would come to get you in no time.