The CenturyLink email is a service that provides communication and data service to residential, wholesale customers, businesses, and also governmental bodies. This email company is owned by lumen technologies and is a multinational American communication that is based in Monroe, Louisiana. CenturyLink email allows you to browse both local and international news. You can set up your CenturyLink account with your email program using IMAP. If you are not able to sign in to your account or you want to create a new one, do not worry we got your back.

CenturyLink Email - Create a CenturyLink Account |  CenturyLink Email Login

CenturyLink is also among the top internet provider in Louisiana. They offer products ranging from security services, voice services, cloud solutions services, and much more. Their email platform includes various amazing features. The CenturyLink email login problem is the only thing that affects the user experience. The errors of logging in with CenturyLink might keep you from accessing the main features. It is very important to maintain the flow of emails while receiving and sending. Because you need to be sure of the incoming and outgoing mail server settings so as to set up the CenturyLink email account.

Features of CenturyLink Webmail

The CenturyLink email offers the users a lot of benefits. You can enjoy your time using the CenturyLink webmail. The following are the benefits of the CenturyLink webmail

  • You can send 100 emails per day or emails up to 100 contacts
  • Ability to send 100 words per hour
  • IP based send limit for 50/5 minutes
  • Filters of the conversation are available, which can be track the messages you sent
  • The SMTP send limit of 500/hour
  • Without any effort, you can configure the CenturyLink email account system settings
  • There is an option for event creating like business appointments and meetings
  • You can also create to do list, and also set the priority reminder for your important emails
  • You have the freedom to create different folders to manage the mail inbox and save the types of email in the created folder

How to Create a CenturyLink Email Account

Creating the CenturyLink email I with just a few taps on your mobile device. The following are ways you can create a CenturyLink webmail account.

  • Go to their official website at
  • Click on the drop down on the top navigation
  • Click on create email account
  • Follow the steps how to create the email address, password and security questions
  • Then you can customize your inbox

These are the steps you must follow in order to create the CenturyLink email account successfully.

CenturyLink Email Login

Just have you have seen the account creating steps are easy and simple to follow. Here are the steps on how to log into your CenturyLink email account.

  • Visit the official login page at
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your password
  • Click on the login icon

Congratulations, you have successfully logged into your CenturyLink webmail account.