Facebook account setting is like a security agent that control and secure your account detail for you. Also, grant you the access to visit the security page. Note that only you have the access to the Facebook account setting with your log in requirement. To have access to the features you must have created an account and also log in the website on your phone browser or with the mobile apps. If you have been on the services you must have seen an arrow facing down icon and thinking maybe it for decoration. Well, you are right but in another way around.

Facebook Account Setting - Facebook Account Settings & Privacy

It where you can locate the Facebook account setting. There are various selections of setting on the services. For setting your profile and changing your profile update. Do you know that you can hide who is your post and your friend list on the account setting? The platform engulfs around your entire Facebook account. Visiting the Facebook setting mean you have a problem with your account. Account setting provides different problem on your account either you want to change your email or username with the general account setting.

On the privacy, you can select or choose who see your timeline photo, and friend list. Unblock friend & message with the blocked setting. The setting is so much that you need to see in case your account develop a problem and you want to change the setting. Some devices are used to access the Facebook account setting such as android, mac, PC, iPhone & iPad, and some there devices. There is two option that implies on the devices either the app or the using the website. On the below section I will use the website for the PC, Mac while the app will be on the Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Access Facebook Account Setting on PC and Mac

Note that you can use the website on the android phone too going to the website to follow the step below. The setting on the section will comprise of how to access and also what to do when you access the setting. So am picking one set from the above categories. How to visit and block someone on Facebook by following this procedure;

  • On your favorite web browser and copy the link www.facebook.com on the URL box.
  • Fill out your email and password then tap on the “sign in” icon.
  • Look up your screen do you see the arrowhead icon “yes” locate your key mouse to click on the icon.
  • Then scroll down and click on setting.
  • All the feature I wrote you see it displayed on the screen. To unblock a just click on the minus sign icon on the right side.
  • List of the users you have blocked and click unblock.

After you have unblocked a friend if you have any problem again. You can follow the same process to set up your email, password or any other setting categories. I make use the android devices and do know how to use the devices to see my account setting.  If you are in that categories you can see the next line which shown you how to access the account setting.

Access Facebook Account Setting on Android and iPhone

Since you are using the Facebook mobile app that a good head start. This time you don’t need the URL link to access the services. Maybe you want to change your name because there are a lot of users that the same name as your and you want to change your name so that when you friend what to find you will be at the top. View the flowing direction on how to go above that;

  • Facebook app has a logo on the file manager. Go to the file manager to log in the logo.
  • Log in the services the same way you usually access the platform.
  • Locate a menu in form of three straight line. Click on the menu and go down a little then click account setting.
  • Tap on the security and on the general setting. Then click on “name” to change account name.
  • Enter your first name, last and the middle name.

Once you tab on change review your name that used to display on Facebook will change. That the way you view the Facebook account setting and what it entails.