on the contrary, Facebook Ads Account is a business account that allows you to manage your adverts, pages, and promote your product and services. Meanwhile, this is a shop for all Facebook marketers and advertising activity to market your product to your audience on Facebook and allow you to check the progress made with the use of your Instagram and product catalogs. This account allows you to monitor your efforts with reports and visualization that tells you how your ads are performing. The Facebook ads for beginners come with Facebook ads training which allows you to manage your Facebook ads with the use of your ads manager account on the Facebook ads manager app.

Furthermore, if you are a business owner and you looking out for a way of getting your product known to people then Facebook ads is the best thing to choose. With it, you are able to get more customers online and trade with them with ease. Most users spend more of their time online surveying, using this online opportunity to tell the world what you are into it will not be a bad idea for you and is an avenue to expand your business.

How To Set Up Facebook Ads Account

If you already have a Facebook page or profile, there is a necessity for you to set up a Facebook business manager account. You can follow this guide for creating an account:

  • Visit www.facebook.com/business which is the official page.
  • Click on the blue button to Create an Account on the top left screen.
  • Enter your business name in the box, click continue.
  • Enter both your name and your business email address

Then Click on the finish icon to complete the account setup process. Once you have completed the setup process on setting up your account, there are some things you also need to set up as well such as adding a Facebook page to your Facebook Ads Account.

Add Your Facebook Business Page to Your Facebook Ads Account

Nevertheless, after you have set up the Facebook ads account the next move is to add your Facebook page to it. You have a choice of adding the existing Facebook business page to your Facebook ads account or create another new one. You can request to access someone else’s page if you managing the page for them.

However, this is very important, you can use a business manager to manage client’s pages and ads accounts, but you need to know that requesting access is the best option than the add page. Using someone’s pages and ad account to your own business manager limited their business assets and it may deter your relationship as a business partner.

Adding up Facebook Business page:

  • Right from business manager dashboard, click Add page.
  • In the pop-up box, click Add page again.
  • Type your Facebook business page in the text box.

Click on Add page to get your page added and you can now move on to the next step which is your Ads goal.  

Choose Your Goals

The first thing to pop up in your mind while creating your campaign is to have a goal. It is important to choose the right one as Facebook does optimize ad placements base on your goals. Choosing the right objective lowers your CPC and give you results. Here is a list of objectives:

  • Brand Awareness.
  • Reach.
  • Traffic.
  • Engagement.
  • App installs.
  • Video views.
  • Lead generation.
  • Messages.
  • Catalog sales.
  • Store visits.
  • Conversions.

You need to select goals that are most causing cohesion place with your fundamental goals. If you are running a campaign, choose an objective that goes in line with it and is sure of what you doing.

Targeting Audience

Create ads campaign with a very strong knowledge of who you are targeting. You can use custom audiences that focus mainly on users from your email address list, your Facebook or your Instagram business profile. There is a different way to target an audience just choose the best suitable one that works with your goals.

Where to Displayed Your Ad

Nevertheless, you have to choose where your placement will be at the ad set level. The devices and app you want your ad to be shown as to be specified. However, If you wish to choose mobile-only, or desktop only and you can as well go with the two of them at once. There are multiple options for you on Facebook, the audience network, and several on Instagram.

Set your Budget on Your Facebook Ads Account

This section allows you to choose your budget, select optimization methods,s and schedule your ads. Moreover, you may choose from lifetime or daily budgets and run your ads by schedule or indefinitely, running on schedule have when to start and end on certain dates. The dayparting allows you to run your ads only at certain times or days in the week.

Choosing your Ad Format

Several ad formats are available on Facebook to choose from:

  • Single image ads.
  • Video ads.
  • Carousel ads (shows several videos or pictures).
  • Canvas ads.
  • Collections (open full screen mobile experience).

Meanwhile, always note that Each of these ad types has its own uniqueness and benefits but carousel ads and video ads have the highest engagement and CTR rates.

Monitor Your Ads Carefully

Meanwhile, as you have started your campaign ensure you keep an eye on them. However, Some of the campaigns see increases in CPC when the frequency gets higher and others may start out at a higher CPC than expected. Additionally, at times it may not perform just the way you wanted. Facebook Ads manager shows you the details of your active campaigns. You can see the CPC, frequency, relevance scores, and a number of actions take with carefulness. All these can be very crucial metrics.