One of the factors that usually scare most people is the aspect of internet security, especially on social networking sites. Most of us will appreciate it when people can just log in and sign out without feeling unsafe whether the account has been accessed by someone. On the contrary, one of the security features Facebook has introduced is the code generator which one of the best ways to secure your account. With the Facebook code generator 2021, you can enable a login approval and when you enable it, it will require a code anytime you want to log on to new devices.

Moreover, the Facebook Code Generator 2021 is a security feature from the Facebook mobile app. This is integrated with two-factor authentication when turning on. Also, it allows you to generate a special security code that you can use to access or verify your account. On the contrary, the Facebook code generator 2021 is accessible on mobile devices even when you don’t have access to text messages (SMS) or an internet connection. Plus, you can use the code generator whenever you want to reset your account password.

Facebook Code Generator App – Reason You Need to Enables a Security Code

The security code is secret number digits that are only owned by the uses to create an extra security layer. This is to enhance a better security protocol to keep accounts safe from hackers or cyber-attacks. For instance, when someone tries to access your account without your approval from another device, they will require your password and your security code to log into your account.

Moreover, if they try to attempt any form of access into your account from another device and without using the code generator. Hence, you will be notified indirectly of the attempts on your account as you receive a security code. Users should note that there is no such App like Facebook Code Generator 2021 App.

How to Generate a Security Code to Login in on Facebook

On the contrary, users can use the code generator security codes for two-factor authentication, usually six digits. Also, it always expires after 30 or 60 seconds depending on the type of devices you use. Here are ways to get a security code below. First, you need to turn on the two-factor authentication to get your security code on your login attempt by:

  • Using the six-digit test message SMS code sent to your mobile phone.
  • With a security code from your code generator through the app setting and privacy.
  • By tapping your security key which is the two- factor authentication on a compatible device.
  • Use a security code from a third-party app i.e. a third-party authentication app you’ve associated with your Facebook account.
  • You can approve your login attempt from a device recognized by Facebook.
  • Use one of your printed recovery codes from the setting & login under the two-factor authentication.

Note that in case your security code didn’t function or isn’t working. You can simply click on “My code doesn’t work” on the Facebook app in other to reset your Code Generator.