What’s Facebook Katana or what is Facebook Katana used for? So many people on the internet are already debating what does Fb Katana actually means. However, Katana is known to be a name given to the new or latest official Facebook app on the mobile for Android and iOS devices. In other words, Fb Katana is the latest name of the Fb mobile app. Initially, we don’t know to want the platform is all about. But there are some information and the fact you need to know about Fb Katana.

Base on the information, Fb Katana stand out to be a folder that you to download or install the Facebook app. There have been reports concerning the katana that it might have a virus or malware software. Many people actually scared of download the Katana folder on their device. Base on the virus is spread onto the user’s device. Learn more about the Katana below.

What is Facebook Katana?

Just like I mentioned earlier, Fb Katana, a package name created by Facebook. This allows you to install the app on any mobile device that even includes a lower version of Android. The package names, com.facebook.katana enables you to install the Fb app on your mobile device. First of all, you need to know that, the Katana folder attach to the app. Therefore, when you remove the Fb app automatically removes the com.FB.katana folder.

In case you want to use the FB Katana, it’s advisable not to use the folder on your devices. Likewise, if you already have the follower on your device and you’re having issues with errors or viruses on your devices. You can simply view the following outline on how to remove FB.katana on your mobile devices.

How to Remove Fb Katana Folder on your Device

In case you experience a low performance on your devices, where you receive a pop-up alert on your mobile devices to close the com.facebook.katana. Most time, this can be as a result of the issue concerning your Facebook app. Therefore you can visit your Play Store on your Android App home screen or iOS app home to uninstall the app.

After uninstalling the app, you can reinstall the app again, but this should be the official Facebook app that, you should install. Or instead of installing the app, you can simply update to the latest version of the Facebook app.