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Facebook Timeline Video – Facebook Timeline

by Tecng

How can I make a timeline video on Facebook? However, if you understand the concept of the Facebook timeline. Then you can understand that your timeline comprises different kinds of contents posted by you or tagged by friends. The Facebook timeline video is just a term uses in classifying the video you share on your timeline or the videos you upload as your Facebook status. First of all, the Facebook Timeline is a dedicated section of the Facebook feature that comprise of photos, videos, and post you posted or tagged by friends.

Facebook Timeline Video - Facebook Timeline

On the contrary, the Facebook timeline video is a powerful tool that uses in interacting with people or expressing ideas at a very fast pace. Photos and videos at the number one content that usually get more interaction from friends such as comment, like and share. However, most businesses use the video as a fascinating promotional tool so as to tell audiences about the objective behind their company’s story. Hence, in this article, we will divide the Facebook timeline video into two to better understand.

How do you make a Timeline Video on Facebook?

From the above description of fact about the Facebook timeline, making a timeline video is like updating your Facebook status with video instead of using photos or posts. The only thing required to make a timeline video is to select the preferred video you want to post.

  • Just open your web browser and go to www.facebook.com.
  • Log in to your account if you aren’t logged in.
  • At the top of the page, click your name to access the timeline page.
  • Then click the icon What’s on your mind? Or Photo/Video below the cover photos.

Right from that section, you can then upload the video you really want to display on your timeline. Afterward, you need to wait until the uploading status is shown completely. Finally, after that, you have a Facebook timeline video in which friends can interact with comments, likes and also share.

How can I access all my Timeline Videos? 

On the contrary, videos your posted, shared or tagged by friends are usually stored in a section where you can access and make some changes if you would like to. This actually included your video and other videos as well. Therefore, the procedures of checking out the video that displays on your timeline. Simply, use the above steps to access the timeline page and on the page, you can select the option “More”. Afterward, you will be provided with some options, and then you can then select videos. This redirects you to the video page where you can see all your videos.

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