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Fzmovies – Hollywood & Bollywood HD Movies | www.fzmovies.net

by Tecng

A lot of you have always wanted to know where and how to download the latest movies. I can tell you that you’ve come to the right place. Fzmovies are your go to place. Fzmovies.net is basically an extensive library containing not just the latest Hollywood.

Fzmovies – Hollywood & Bollywood HD Movies | Cool Movie Clips

Fzmovies is basically an extensive library containing not just the latest Hollywood blockbuster but also Bollywood movies and Hollywood movies from the 90s.I can tell you this from personal experience. As at the time of writing this article I just downloaded star wars episode 1 phantom menace. This came out in 1999.

How To Download From Fzmovies.net With Your Mobile Phone

Fzmovises gives you full access to movies. Users can download their favorite Bollywood Movies for free in various file format. If you are new to FzMovies HD web portal be rest assured that you will get all the recommended file format for movies. Users can download 3gp and Mp4 format on Fzmovies.

Now you can download movies either with your phone or a laptop. To download with your mobile phone you have to have UC Web Browser which is recommended Fzmovies.net web browser.

  1. Next is you visit the site using the UC browser and enter the URL as www.fzMovies.com in the address bar section.
  2. Click on Hollywood movies for the latest Hollywood movie or click Bollywood movies for the latest Bollywood movies.
  3. Once you have seen the movie you want to download. Click on the format to get started with the movie download.

If the movie you want to download is an old movie you can search for it on the site using the search box provided for you. Just a click on the Fzmovies gets you all the actions on your mobile phone.

How to Download From Fzmovies With Your Laptop

Downloading using a laptop involves a different process but it is just as easy.

  1. Using your default browser visit www.fzmovies.net with your preferred web browser.
  2. Click on the movie you want to download. Either in the Hollywood movies section or the Bollywood section.
  3. If it is an old movie, search for it in the search box provided on the Fzmovies portal.
  4. Once you’ve found the movie you want to download,  click on it and decide if you want 3gp or Mp4.
  5. Scroll down and Select the format you want the movie to be in.
  6. On the next window, you see the movie split into two files to enable easy download. Click on the first file to proceed to the download section.
  7. Click on the icon which says click here to download this movie on your device.
  8. Select your preferred download server by clicking on the download link.

It is important to note that on the download page you need to select a download server from which you will download the Movie. The step has been simplified for you as you are shown the load on the server and capacity of the server. So that you can select the best available server. There you have it guys. Every movie you’ve always wanted to watch at your disposal. Enjoy!!!

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