Google Email Gmail is an account that helps you send and receive emails from any other email users throughout the globe. Google has made life very easy for many people such that you can text, send, and receive messages online. Creating an email helps friends search for you so they can be able to send mails to your email address. Also, Google email ends with The Gmail simply means Google Mail that shows that the email is from google.

Google Email Gmail - Create a Gmail Account | Google Email Gmail Login

A free email service created by Google is Gmail. Therefore, users can access Google mail on the internet and using any other programs that attached email content through POP or IMAP steps. Google’s mail server checks over emails for many reasonable purposes by itself, together with filter spam and malware emails.   

How to Create Google Email Gmail Account

Creating a Google email Gmail helps you such that you can send and easily receive mails. Before you can send and receive emails from email users make sure you have created in the past. If you have not created an account in the past, Below are the steps on how to create an account

  1. Launch your PC browser, laptop, or an android phone
  2. Enter on your browser
  3. Click create an account for myself
  4. Fill out your profile information which are; First name, last name and then you will be asked to create an email and strong password

Create an email that no one has ever used and once it has been created, no one can use your email. You will be the one using the email address you created yourself. These above-listed steps are for the people that have not created a Google Email Gmail account in the past.

How do I Log in to my Gmail Account

Logging in to Google mail account means you have created an email address on Google mail in the past. So when you login no need of starting as a fresher. All you need to do is just to continue from the section you stop the last time you logged in. Below are the steps on how to log in Google Email Gmail

  1. Launch your PC browser, laptop, or an android phone
  2. Enter on your browser and you will be asked to enter your email address, after that click “NEXT”
  3. Enter your password and you are in

NOTE: Your password is the security keys only you will know. Don’t share your Google mail password with anyone in other to keep your account safe. After following the above-listed steps then you can use Gmail for free and enjoy it.