Where is the Hotmail Account Recovery Page and how do I Recover My Hotmail Account Password? www.Hotmail.com which has now been rebranded and changed to Outlook.com to Provide users with more features is one of the best free email services provided by Microsoft. The email services enable users to send, receive, and compose emails on their respective devices. Just like other email service providers, Hotmail provides room for account recovery should you forget your login details. Thus, this article is aimed at how to recover your Microsoft Hotmail account.

Hotmail Account Recovery - How to Retrieve Your Hotmail Account

The Hotmail Recovery page is where you can retrieve your Hotmail Account if you’ve forgotten your Hotmail Login ID. It is no doubt that a wrong Login detail will deny you access to your account.  As stated earlier, Hotmail has been changed to Outlook.com. And so, to access the Hotmail Recovery Page, you will need to visit the Microsoft Outlook Recovery page. You will be required to enter your Hotmail email address or the Mobile number or the Skype account connected to your Hotmail. Once you enter these credentials, a code will be sent to your device to help you begin the Password recovery. After successfully retrieving your account, you will get access back to your Hotmail account.  

Can I Recover My Hotmail Email Address?

One of the drawbacks or disadvantages of Hotmail.com is that users cannot retrieve or recover their Hotmail email addresses. In order words, currently, it is entirely impossible to get back your email address once you have forgotten it. Unlike Gmail which is otherwise known as Google Mail which provides users with a Forget Email Option. Thereby providing you the opportunity of recovering your Email address once forgotten.  However, you might be able to get your old Hotmail email address back by contacting the Microsoft Outlook Support Center which is not 100% certain that you might get your account back. But you can also give it a trial. Or you can simply sign up for a new Hotmail Account via the Outlook Platform.

Hotmail Password Recovery

Recovering your Hotmail Account Email Address is currently not possible now as mentioned above. However, you can recover your Hotmail Password using its Recovery page. You can either access the Hotmail Recovery Page via your web browser or you can download and install the Outlook App on your device. The account Recovery Process is quite easy to go about. But there are steps and guidelines you will need to follow. Below are the steps to follow to recover your Hotmail Account Password from the Outlook.com Page.

  • Open your PC or Computer web browser Web browser
  • Visit the Microsoft Account Recovery Page
  • You will be required to enter your email or Mobile Number or Skype
  • Enter your Hotmail Email address or the Mobile Number or Skype account connected to your Hotmail account
  • Click on next and this will take you to the next page
  • This will take you to another, select an account reset option by clicking on Text or Email
  • You will be prompted to enter your email address or Phone Number  to reset your password
  • Click on send code and a verification  code will be sent to your email address or phone number
  • Enter the Hotmail Recovery Code sent you
  • Then, you will be redirected to the RESET PASSWORD Page
  • Enter a new strong Password you remember
  • Confirm the New Password entered by reentering it

Lastly, you will be redirected back to the Microsoft Hotmail Sign In page where you will be prompted to enter your email address or phone number or Skype and your New Hotmail Password. Click on the sign-in button and you will automatically gain access to your account back. Note that; you will need a strong and stable network Connection while trying to recover your Hotmail Account Password.