If you are still searching for Hotmail windows live account, I sorry to announce to you that you should end your search right now. Due to the fact that Microsoft Corporation made an announcement of the Hotmail windows live is the successor to MSN is now regarded as Hotmail and Outlook.com. Moreover, the most significant upgrade is to improve the emailing structure and also giving access to other services than the previous Hotmail offering.

Hotmail Windows Live - Microsoft Free Personal Email

On the contrary, Hotmail windows live or windows live Hotmail is apparently the oldest form of email service providers of Microsoft Corp with incorporated features from over 10 million beta testers. Instead, the new interface Outloo.com (Hotmail) offers a beta deliver of emailing experiences and more productivity than the previous version. In addition, it provides you flexible access through the web, on the mobile app, and via an e-mail client. However, note the Hotmail windows live isn’t completely roll out of the email servicer. Moreover, if you still using the platform you can access your using the Microsoft office outlook or the Microsoft Office Outlook Connector beta.

How to Access Windows Live Mail from Hotmail or Outlook.com

As I earlier mention above, Hotmail windows live is no longer available to have an account for this format @live.com. But actually, that doesn’t mean older account users without being able to login in order to send and receive mail. Therefore, it requires you to makes use of services like outlook and Hotmail to check your account.

Hence, to open your account visit the website www.outlook.com or www.hotmail.com which redirects you to outlook. Once you have gotten authorizes to the platform you can then click the “Sign in” icon. Hence once you have completed that you can enter your email address someone@live.com and then provides your account. Finally, you can then complete the section by clicking on the option sign in to access your mail.

How to Migrate to Microsoft Outlook

Actually, it is better you stay on the safe side of the outlook platform and enjoying amazing offers provides to you. The main reason is that the Hotmail Windows Live is no longer active or updated by Microsoft and so you can’t receive security features or updates on your account. Therefore, the procedures are provided below:

  • First, you need open Microsoft Outlook and open Windows Live Mail on a different platform.
  • Then, in the Windows Live Mail window click the filebutton and select exportand then select emailmessages.
  • Select MicrosoftExchange as the format and then click next. Therefore a will display indicating all your email will be exported to Microsoft Outlook or Exchange and then click ok to continues.

Therefore, you can then more straightforward to export all your email folders or you can select the specific email you want to export and after selecting you can click ok to wait for the response. Finally, once the export process completes a dialog box will appear then you can click Finish.