Having a Google account can be a good thing, cause this allows us to get access to Chrome, YouTube, and other Google products. But what happens when we probably forget our password or username. This actually becomes a problem and trying so hard to remember it can be depressing. In this article, you can see ways to recover your Google account without stress.

How To Recover Your Google Account

Have you lost all hope about your Google account? And you are basically wondering “how can I possibly recover my Google account? You need not worry. I was once in your shoes and I know how painful it could be losing those memorable photos taken with friends and loved ones or your uploaded contact lists.  So there will be no long talks, let’s just dive right into it.

How To Recover Your Google Account

If you are stocked in remembering your password or username or you can’t seem to get verification codes, here are steps on “how to recovery my Google account”

  • On your Android device, simply go to settings and scroll down and click on Google when you find it
  • On the next page tap “sign in to your Google account”
  • At the next page, if it’s your email username you forget, below the fill in your username bar space, click on forgot email. (if it’s your password you forgot just fill in your email username and proceed) and click next
  • Basically, follow the instructions given to confirm its actually your account, answering every bit of question asked as best as you can. The more you answer the better your chances of faster recovering your account.
  • A verification code will be sent to you via text or email to verify it you.
  • A list of usernames which matches yours will be displayed, be sure to pick the one which is yours. Note (if it’s your password you forgot, you will be required to reset your password). Make sure you choose a strong password and don’t try using a password you have use before.

If you can’t seem to sign in to your Google account, simply go to the Google account recovery page. Fill in your email username, you will be required to enter the password you last remembered using. Try and answer every question asked as legit as possible. It enhances your chances of recovering your Google account faster.

Note, it doesn’t matter what device you are using, the same process applies to all devices.