Facebook poke is one of the first features that was rolled out to Facebook users, this feature allows users to send a virtual notification to friends. This feature allows Facebook user to say hello or get someone attention without having to craft a long sentence. Although, Facebook old FAQ page encouraged people to come up with their own meaning of poke; many seem not to like this feature may be because of the name poke. The purpose of facebook poke is not totally clear in spite of the name. How can I find my poke on Facebook, many people don’t know want pokes on Facebook means. However, you can use the Facebook poke guide below to learn about the Facebook pokes

Pokes From Friends on Facebook - Pokes on Facebook Received | Pokes Received by me on Facebook

The feature was a popular feature used on Facebook as at 2007, its popularity declined drastically after some years until it was officially hidden on facebook website in 2011, this was part of the updates facebook made in their operations.  In 2017, Facebook released a feature that will allow a user to say hello easier than poking them, this seems to be a bye note for facebook poke however it still exists on facebook though hidden. Meanwhile, poke seems to be an outdated method of flirting; one can simply slide into someone DM, or send a direct message to attention on social networks.

Facebook Poke – How to Poke Someone on Facebook

First, select your poking victim; go to their profile page; click on the three dot icon on the person’s profile cover photo. From the drop-down menu, select “Poke”. A window will pop up confirming your action. Notification will be sent to your poking victim.

You can poke someone using mobile app following similar processes in desktop or laptop computer. First, locate the person you want to poke; open the person’s profile page. You will see a vertical three dots under the cover photo and name of the person; tap the three dot and select poke from the drop-down menu.

How You Can Stop Someone From Poking You

You will need to block any Facebook user to stop them from poking you. To do this, go to your facebook page; click the question mark icon beside the down arrow in the blue bar. Click “Privacy Shortcut” and select “how do I stop someone from bothering me?” enter the person name in the pop-up screen (you may enter the email address of the person instead.

How to Know if You Have Been Poked

Notification will be sent to you if you have been poked. The notification can be seen in the world icon on the blue bar.  Click on the notice sent to you; this will display a screen that contains the option of poking back this option is inside the hand icon. A list of suggested people to poke will also appear in the page.

Click on the grey “x” at the right of “Poke Back” link to delete the poke. Note: you cannot poke someone twice unless the first poke has been deleted. You may decide to be having constant poke exchange with the person this is referred to as poke war on facebook. the poke war only ends when one of the parties involved in the poke stops poking back.