Rediffmail Pro also known as Rediffmail professional is a web-based email provider service, which offers advanced powerful features than its counterpart that provides solutions for your business. It provides your business with communication no matter how fast your business is growing. It also offers 5 additional emails ID (address) upon sign-in, which can be shared in your establishment to the sector of your choice. You have the ownership of controlling the main email ID (address). The Rediffmail allows you to get access only to the domain name email ID of your company.  

Rediffmail Pro - Create a Rediffmail Professional Account | RediffmailPro Login

Furthermore, research has it that Rediff mail is the most reliable Indian email provider service for business owners. It provides a larger storage capacity and access to additional email IDs and domain names. It also protects your email from virus-infected emails with its anti-virus features. However, to create or get a Rediffmail Pro account you have to make a payment. Although you will be given a free trial period which will give you access to some of its features but not all.

Rediffmail Pro Over it Counterparts

Rediffmail Pro gives you advanced enjoyable features, that can only be gotten when you have a Rediffmail Pro account. These features make it better and reliable compared to its counterpart. These features are

  • Rediffmail pro is flexible and reliable
  • You get access to 5 additional emails ID
  • Bigger storage capacity of 1GB
  • It allows you send attachments up to 10MB in size
  • Anti-virus available to prevent virus infected mails
  • 24 hours rediffmail pro customer support when you send a mail to
  • You get access to POP3 feature

How to Create a Rediffmail Pro Account

After going through the above content, I know you will like to have a Rediffmail Pro account. Don’t worry it’s easy to create and get.

  • Visit on your web browser.
  • Select “new user? Get account.  At the top right corner.
  • Enter your desired email ID (Address) and domain name.
  • Select get now.

Note that your Rediffmail Pro account is only activated once your payment is received instantly without delay. You will be sent your RediffmailPro login password and username to your present email. Then you can visit the website to log in to your Rediffmail Pro account as an existing user with the provided details. The ownership of your domain name belongs to you.

RediffmailPro Login

After you must have created your RediffmailPro account, you can go ahead to sign in. to sign in you have to provide the Rediffmail Pro login password and details sent to you. Upon signing in, you can pay for the desired feature you want to scale up your business into professionalism. To log in do this;

  • Visit on your web browser.
  • Select “existing users? Login.
  • Enter your email address and domain name.
  • Enter your password.
  • Click on login.

In conclusion, the Rediffmail Pro account helps upscale your business. It also allows you to communicate effectively with your employees.