Almost all the members of the Living Faith Church worldwide which is practically known as Winner Chapel International await the arrival of the Shiloh starting date. As a matter of fact, the event is already just a few weeks away. However, Shiloh starting date for this year will be fully announced and if you care to know the theme for the program continue reading the article. On the contrary, Shiloh is actually a powerful program that is attended by millions of people as of 2012. The year Shiloh programs going to be filled with anointed atmosphere and deliverance will full every way.

Shiloh Starting Date - What Time Will Shiloh 2019 Start

Shiloh has a very huge history and the annual convocational event is actually a prophetic place to feel the divine encounters with GOD. The main starting of the program was gotten from the Book of the Bible in Joshua 18:1 and also 1Samuel 1:3. Moreover, every first week of December, the church hosts a global event known as Shiloh. One of the church purposes is the win soul for Christ and also for sinners to receive salvation from GOD. this is more of the agenda of the Shiloh and if you take a quick look at the bible verse you will learn more.

When is the Shiloh Starting Date?

Moreover, most people who are regular members of Winner Chapel International will be aware of the date even without the announcement of the program. However, in case you’re not, one thing you need to know is that Shiloh usually commences every year in the first week in December. Not to worry about the starting date and the ending date as well have been announced. The annual Shiloh convocation starts for the 3rd of December to the 8th of December 2019. There are lots of expectations, miracles, overflowing blessings, deliverance, breakthroughs, Salvation, and lots more during that event. You will feel the presence of the GOD and is overflowing anointing in your life in JESUS Name Amen!

What is the Theme for the Annual Convocation?

On the contrary, the Theme for the Year Annual Convocation “Shiloh for 2019” is expected to be spectacular. With the thing happen around the world, this is the time to have the dominion to break every limitation affecting your life, business, finance, marital life, spiritual life, and others. Like the bible says “I’ve given you’re the power, the dominion to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and by nothing shall any means hurt you. The Shiloh theme for this year is Breaking Limits. During that, even you’ll be giving the power and the dominion to break every limitation, obstacle, stagnancy in your life. Ensure you’re they to fill the power of GOD in your life to break all limitations in JESUS Name Amen!