It’s always exciting when you receive a welcome note on a platform, it’s actually a sign of encouragement or appreciation of joining the platform. At the first beginning of creating, when you have successfully created the account, on your profile homepage or timeline, you will first see a message “Welcome to Facebook”. However, Welcome to Facebook 2021 is actually the first message sent to users when they first create their accounts. This is to welcome users into the leading social networking site and get started with the services provider.

Not everyone receives a Welcome from Facebook 2021, except you just open an account. welcoming you into the platform. Meaning that you freely entitled to enjoy every single feature providing, including connecting with friends & family, discover things, joining groups & page, and lots. In other to enjoy the welcome note from Facebook you need to first create an account. After you’re welcome to Facebook, you can get started on the platform by adding friends you know and see their photos or videos.

Welcome to Facebook 2021 – Steps to Sign up for Free Facebook

Over 2.3 billion users are currently welcomed to the best online social networking site, and more are still welcomed to join the platform. In case you one of them who will like to be welcomed to Facebook. Then you need to sign up for an account.

To get Welcome to Facebook: 

  • From your web browser, visit www.facebook.
  • Provide your regular name you’re called
  • Next, enter your birth date, month and year.
  • Provide an email address or use a phone number instead.
  • Select your gender either you’re a Male or Female.
  • Create a password that’s very strong.
  • Lastly, Sign up.

Moreover, in other to get successfully welcomed into the platform, you need to verify the contact details you provided by confirming either your email address or mobile phone number. Once, that’s completed, you will be welcome to Facebook and other service provided.

How to Sign in to a New Facebook Account

Another way you can actually welcome into the platform, but not receiving a new message by signing into your account. Whether it’s a new or old account, you are always welcomed to enjoy the services or benefits of joining the platform.

  • From the above link or URL, you can click on it.
  • At the top of the login panel, enter your email or phone number.
  • Next, you can enter your account password.
  • Lastly, click Log in.

In conclusion, you have to take note of that, welcoming you to the platform. This means you’re welcomed to use the Facebook search, profile, message, friends, setting, and other features. Not forgetting, you welcome to connect with family, friends, and everything you need to enjoy your stay.