In the world of email service provider. Yahoo account is an account that gives users access to explore all yahoo services and features as the case may be. This is a platform where you can actually use to send and receive messages. When you sign up for an Email account which is popularly called Yahoo Mail. Users can still save documents as well as multimedia’s videos, pictures, and audios. There so many other benefits of having a yahoo mail account.

Yahoo Account - Sign up for a Yahoo Account

Like advertising, entertainment, fantastic sports, news, search engine, weather and lots more. Most users always think that having a yahoo account is subjected only for the yahoo mail alone. But there is more to it than just that. By owning a yahoo account it gives u access to features like message archiving, email attachment, searches and remote access to yahoo mail. In order to gain full access to all Yahoo products and services, users need to have a Yahoo mail account.

Importance of Yahoo Account

One reason why one should own a yahoo account is that. Yahoo is one of the biggest search engines on the internet mail service world with lots of product and services.

  • The yahoo account serves as a contact medium to other users.
  • Yahoo provides users with so many services. Such as Yahoo news, Yahoo directories, yahoo search, yahoo mail, yahoo maps, Yahoo videos and Yahoo also has social media sites
  • It has one of the largest databases in the world. So having a yahoo account gives users vast access to relating to the world.
  • In terms of commercial services. Yahoo pride itself with fully developed services such as Yahoo travels, yahoo shopping, yahoo real estate, yahoo autos.
  • When talking about partnership Yahoo partners with multinationals like Verizon, British Telecom, and AT& T.With many advantages like premium services and good contents for their users.
  • Mobile services, blogging, information service alert, emails, search engines and also ringtones are also features found on Yahoo services.

So from all what has been said. Email users can really have a profaned experience on internet services if they acquire a yahoo account.

How to Create a Yahoo Account

Creating a Yahoo account is also same as having a Yahoo mail account. For users who wish to set up a mail account, can do so using a pc or mobile devices on any web browser. For users that do not have a Yahoo account and want to sign up In order to enjoy the amazing features. Below is some steps to be followed.

  1. Log in to the website on it will open the yahoo page where the user will see a caption to sign in and sign up.
  2. Click on the signup caption. Which will open a form page for the user to fill in his or her details required in each caption.
  3. Fill the yahoo account form with full names, date of birth, their country, and gender.
  4. Create a suitable account address and password which if accepted or approved will be the user sign in details whenever the user wants to gain access to his or her Yahoo account.
  5. There is also space where users will fill in their mobile phone numbers with their country’s zip code.

After completing the form click on continue, it will ask to send a verification code to the number the user has filled. Click on the text me, and a 5 digit code will be sent to the user’s phone number. User should then fill in the verification code that was sent to the user mobile number. Click on verify and a yahoo account is created for the user to access.