Email communication has recently gone far and wide. Nowadays, a lot of people use email communication to connect with people from all over the world. This allows you to send instant messages to clients, business partners, friends, and families. However, some of the most popular email service providers in the world today include AOL, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and more. Yahoo AOL Mail serves as a term used in indicating the acquisition of AOL from Yahoo. Meaning, Yahoo is currently the owner of AOL. In the article, you can learn the simple step to Yahoo AOL Mail login.

Yahoo AOL Mail Login - Sign in to Your Aol and Yahoo Account

Yahoo AOL Mail login is an authenticated process where you can sign in to your email account. But keep in mind, AOL Mail and Yahoo Mail have different login pages but the same interface to log in to your email account. This is because Yahoo acquired AOL mail and both email services were formally known as Verizon Media. Yahoo Mail operates as a separate email service provider, as well as AOL Mail operates as a separate email. But you can sign in to your AOL email account on the Yahoo login page as well as vice versa. This instruction on how to manage both of your email accounts is stated below.

How to Login to AOL Email Account

As an AOL email user, the dedicated portal where you can sign in to your AOL email account is via on the web browser. There you’ll be required to provide either your Username, email, or mobile, and password. Here is the following instruction to log in to the email account

  • Go to your AOL app or website
  • Enter your username, email or mobile number
  • Click next

Now you can access your AOL account.

How to Login to Yahoo Mail Account

Note that even with your AOL email account; you can still sign in to your email account on AOL Mail and Yahoo Mail is the same email provider from one owner. But as a separate Yahoo AOL mail sign-in portal where you can manage your account. To login to your Yahoo Mail account, follow the instruction:

  • Visit the yahoo mail website
  • Enter user name, email address or mobile number
  • Click on next

Now you have successfully logged into your yahoo account. you can now access your account anytime you want. Note that anytime you want to follow the above procedure your connection is stable so that the process can be fast and easy.

How to Switch From AOL to Yahoo

There are certain steps to follow when you are switching accounts. These are the steps to follow;

  • Forward your AOL email to Gmail
  • Tap the gear button
  • Click accounts tab
  • Enter your AOL email address
  • Select the settings
  • Select add account
  • Move AOL emails to yahoo
  • Hover your mouse

Now you know how to switch your AOL to yahoo.